Please note that these are estimate delivery dates and are working days. Delivery time is measured from when your order is dispatched and do not include any hold ups that may occur due to local custom procedures. Orders are dispatched multiple times everyday from Monday to Friday.

You will receive an email once your order has dispatched. 



Express Shipping is approximately overnight in Australia. We use Aus Post or Fastway Couriers.

Outside of Australia express shipping is via DHL Express. Orders shipping outside of Australia will receive a tracking number.



All orders have the option of free shipping.

Inside Australia standard shipping is approximately 2-3 working days.

Outside Australia we use DHL. Orders shipping outside of Australia will receive a tracking number; approximately 5-14 working days.



Orders within Australia will not receive a tracking number unless specifically noted on order.

Orders outside of Australia will receive a tracking number to track and trace via DHL.



Duties and sales taxes are import charges that are a part of government policy for your state that dictate the charges that are payable by the consumer when importing foreign goods. Sales Taxes are present in most economies and are generally included in the sale price of an item at your local retail store, when purchasing online the government collects that tax on the way into the country and the seller has not paid them the sales tax because the state of origin is different from the state of destination. Duties are a government charge for importing goods from a foreign place. These are in place as a disincentive to purchase off shore made goods and encourage local spending. 

Our international courier provider will charge you the duties and taxes on behalf of the local government. How they will charge you, depends on what country you are in. If you are ordering from the UK you will be sent a letter to request payment of the duties and taxes before the goods will be released to you. If you are ordering from the US you will be charged the duties and taxes after you have received the goods in the form of a letter. 



It is recommended you do not ship to a PO Box. It's hard to fit garments into such a tiny box. Internationally, we require it to be delivered to a physical address and signed for.