Our Heritage

NVSG and Winson Kai Lam presents: Forever Sweaters

A sweater for the nostalgic. A sweater to remember. A sweater forever.

Limited Edition

These are strictly limited. For real though.

There is literally no more material to make these again. 

Pick your number and keep it forever.

Ill Fit / Best Fit

We structured our fit to suit a 90s throwback.

The shoulders may slope onto the arms, the length might not be totally long enough and it isn't a slim fit.

We love it this way.

The Very Last of Them

Brushed Fleece. A proprietary knit structure which has stood the test of time.

This is the few last rolls of this high grade fleece from one of the last Australian Knitting Mills based in Sydney Australia.

They have closed now, so we wanted to be able to create something meaningful. 

Keeping Aus Manufacturing Alive

Forever Sweaters are entirely crafted in Brisbane Australia. 

We're super proud of it too. 


Winson Kai Lam is an up and coming Designer. 

NVSG is an up and coming Sports Apparel Label. 

We were keen to collaborate. 

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ocean and hair.jpg